update: June 2024

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The Catering and Hospitality Empowerment Program aims to provide a transformative platform for learning and growth, particularly targeting vulnerable children and youth. By engaging in catering and hospitality activities, participants will not only acquire culinary skills but also develop essential life skills such as teamwork, creativity, attention to detail, and cultural appreciation

The Catering and Hospitality Program is a transformative initiative aimed at providing culinary training and life skills development opportunities to vulnerable children and youth. The catering part of the project is divided into two main components: Bakery and Cookery.

The Bakery component will focus on equipping participants with skills in baking various pastries, breads, and confectionery items. This will involve hands-on training in a commercial bakery setting, covering topics such as ingredient handling, baking techniques, food safety, and presentation.

The Cookery component will concentrate on teaching participants the art of preparing various cuisines, including local and African dishes. Participants will learn about food preparation techniques, menu planning, plating, and culinary hygiene practices.

Hospitality is explained and practiced during the training. This project might also have a very positive effect, due to the acquired knowledge and skills on the success for Bonga Safari. Benefit might be achievable within short timeframe when the participants are ready to take orders from local business.




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