update: May 10, 2024

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We aim to address the energy crisis in the remote community by adopting renewable energy sources. The community currently relies on traditional methods of energy production, such as cutting down trees, which not only threatens the local ecosystem but also contributes to negative climate change. This project aims to transition the community to sustainable energy sources like bio-gas, solar power, and wind energy, ensuring a cleaner and more environmentally friendly energy supply.


The primary challenge faced by the community is the lack of access to energy, which hinders the overall development of the community. The traditional methods of energy production are not only unsustainable but also harm the environment. The community needs a reliable and sustainable energy source to support its daily activities and long-term development.


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Definition of "Done"

The project will be considered successfully completed when a sustainable energy supply is established for the community of 60 children and 6 adults in Mityana Kalangalo. This includes the successful implementation of bio-gas, solar power, or wind energy solutions, ensuring a cleaner and environmentally friendly energy source for the community