update: June 2024

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Financial literacy is a crucial skill that is often overlooked in many communities, leading to a cycle of poverty that seems endless. The "Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Training" project aims to address the issue of financial illiteracy and its negative impact on the community's economic well-being. By providing microeconomics basics lessons and entrepreneurship training, the project seeks to empower community members with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage their finances and start their own small-scale businesses.

These lessons will be made available via our online school [click here for overview of the micro lessons].


Financial illiteracy has been identified as a major contributor to the ongoing cycle of poverty within the community. Lack of understanding of financial concepts and entrepreneurial skills has hindered individuals from participating in the money economy and creating sustainable sources of income.



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When we have trained all 60 children and 60 women, have selected the trainers that can pass on their knowledge and trained the selected group of woman in entrepreneurship.